Monthly Archives: November 2012

Hello world!

Today I didn’t listen to my dear friend Mary and as a result I made some errors and I apologize.  She asked me to set up a wordpress account because she said it was easier to navigate.  When I started to set up the wordpress account, I found out that I already had one from 2012.  This was the title, but there was no article.  So, I am transferring the blogs from blogspot to here.  I know I created chaos and I know this was done subconsciously through my Higher Self.  I really believed everybody had access to the blogs I was posting.  See what happens when you do things by yourself; it just doesn’t work.  That is why Dreams Are Reality says written by Vanaja Ananda and All The People Who Joined Together As One To Bring Our Planet Back To Its Utopian Beginnings.  Thank you my dear friends and soul sisters and brothers.  I love you all.