Important Information On Disclosure…The Time Is NOW!

Welcome To The New Age…It’s A Celebration

Phase 1: The Event  (3-7 days)

Mass arrests of the Illuminati

Military sweep

1 day viral and mass media info distribution

1 day arrests

Up to 3 days shutdown

5 to 6 days conviction process

Phase 2: Restructuring  (3-6 months)

New financial system backed by precious metals and commodities introduced

Federal Reserve dismantled,

US Treasury prints gold backed money

Basket of currencies (6 or more) base of world financial system

Worldwide debt forgiveness

Bank debts cancelled (credit cards, loans, mortgages)

Banks must be re-licensed, no interest (usury)

Multinational companies split and nationalized

Redistribution of world’s wealth begins

Prosperity funds released

Humanitarian and environmental projects funded

Free energy technology and advanced medicines released

Government UFO involvement disclosure

International criminal court tribunal of Illuminati

Statutory laws invalidated, return to Common Law

Interim national governments and then elections

UN restructured as head of Provisional government

Disengagement of warring parties, military forces recalled permanently from active duty and restructured into peace keeping force, nuclear weaponry disarmed

Phase 3: First Contact  (1-3 months)

Contact with selected private individuals

Re-education of humanity, including our history not told: Atlantis and Lemuria

Global telecasts over TV and internet

Increasing number of spacecraft make themselves known, culminating in a massive flyover when tens of thousands of ships will take part as final proof that other civilizations are out there

Two week contemplation period

First contact: Public contact at UN – Electric surge into Earth Light body -Galactic / Cosmic synchronization / Tachyonic  alignment

After First Contact

Interaction with Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters

Start of technology transfers and educational programs

Beginning of pollution cleansing and renewal of ecosystem

Start of full consciousness training (Ascension chambers)-Reunion with Confederation Fleet and Inner Earth



13 thoughts on “Important Information On Disclosure…The Time Is NOW!

    1. pew2104 Post author

      Mary. Heaven has come to earth and you are reborn. It is beyond our logic, but it is real. Please get that document to Louise Hay and you will see that this is reality and everything limiting these beliefs is an illusion. Love and blessings to you!

  1. Greg

    Wow such detailed information. Can you share more information on how and where you got this from? Do you know when this all begins time wise?

    1. pew2104 Post author

      Hi Greg,
      It begins as soon as a letter is read by Louise Hay. People need to join together to share a letter. That is truly all. Information is available on three Facebook sites…Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, Dreams Are Reality, and Self Heal Emotional and Physical Ailments and Recognize Your True Potential. Also, there is information on and Enjoy and know the truth always prevails! Love and blessings to you! Vanaja

    1. pew2104 Post author

      Thank you Cindy for that question. Louise Hay is a spiritual author and owns a huge publishing company. Schiffer Publishing was interested in publishing the book. I have an email to support this claim. I told them it could only be published by Louise Hay. In the book, the enlightened divine in any form was removed from helping with the task of getting the document to Louise Hay. Also, I removed myself. In July 2012, I self published through Balboa Press which is a subsidiary of Louise Hay because I wanted the book to be available the moment drastic changes started to occur so people weren’t in fear and knew this was a celebration. I was invited to many author events where Louise Hay was present and I could have handed her the letter easily. I never went to an event. In fact, I don’t have any copies of the book. I was given 6 copies and I gave them out to family and friends. I purchased 2 copies for the illustrator of Dreams Are Reality and sent those books to India.

      A friend tried to send the letter directly to Louise Hay and her administration would not give it to her. Since there is no divine help from any Ascended Masters, angels, archangels, or any Galactic brothers and sisters, the only way for the letter to reach Louise Hay is when humans join together to share it and make it viral. Once Louise Hay reads the letter, a miracle has occurred. This demonstrates to all of mankind the power of individuals working together with intensity to accomplish any task. In this particular task, the miracle will start creating jobs for all, food for all, homes for all, forgiveness of debt, new educational paradigms, new technological advances and so much more. I know because the letter says it if you read it carefully. Here is the paragraph “The best part is the ending because everybody stands together as one and puts other people’s fears above their own by sharing a letter from beings in other dimensions. When this occurred, we sent the message to the divine that we are ready for the transformation into the 4th and 5th dimension!”

      Everything in the book is happening. How do I know? The book was written by God and every form imaginable from the highest form of an Avatar to kitchen pots and pans. We are all God in some form and yet there is only one true Creator God or existential energy. This book was written so people understand there are no chosen ones. We all have the capability to be whatever and whoever we want to be. We are truly all Masters yet we operate at different vibrational frequencies. When people truly see the power that exists within, we will all live in bliss the way the Creator wants us to live.

      The mission is so simple and yet so difficult. It is only about sharing a document. God and all Galactic brothers and sisters have been waiting almost 3 years for people to make a document viral. It can happen in minutes, hours, days, months, years…the choice is up to humanity. Each human needs to realize we all exist at higher dimensional frequencies and when we listen to ourselves, we have tremendous power to achieve our biggest dreams. It is written in the book that this mission is a success! It would be great if we could start our rebirth now. Please make the document viral and even this message if you choose. When My Dreams Are Reality, the entire world’s dreams are reality. My biggest dream is to bring our world back to its Utopian beginnings where everyone is equal and there is food, homes, necessities, prosperity, joy, love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony for all. We are no longer slaves to the corrupt. We need to join together in unity to really be free, liberated and see the truth of our existence.

      Love and blessings,


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