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Create The World You Truly Want Now

Welcome to the New Age.  We have been given a blank slate to create anything we want in our lives.  All we have to do is ask with passion and intensity.  I am about to tell you the truth and I would like you to read these words from your heart and let your mind go on vacation to Hawaii or a place that brings you joy while you are reading this site.  While your mind will question its validity and credibility, your heart will sing with joy as the information resonates totally and completely with your inner being.

There are five additional blogs on this site that I would like you to read in the order presented.  The first blog explains the changes that are happening on our planet as soon as people join in unity instead of duality.  As you will read, they are spectacular changes that offers everything we have desired and dreamed about.  There will be prosperity for all.  That means there will be food for everybody on this planet, homes for all, jobs for everybody utilizing their passions and talents, health care reform with many techniques to heal any disease, a new educational paradigm that truly teaches the way our brilliant youngsters learn, disarmament of nuclear arms, and so much more.

The second blog explains how society has been kept in a state of perpetual fear and greed so the corrupt 1% of our population retains control of its citizens.  Also, there is a link on the second blog to an article that speaks about the corruption of the Federal Reserve and many big banks.  The article ends with a small bank who followed their own practices and the success they have achieved.  We could follow their strategies for the entire planet.

When people are living in a state of fear, worry, depression and other limiting beliefs, they feel powerless and then become slaves to the ones who rule with confidence and strength.  The national media is controlled by these corrupt individuals as well as huge corporations.  We all have the same power as these corrupt leaders and banksters, yet we are unable to recognize our inner strength and ability because of societal conditioning.

On December 21, 2012, the Divine sent an influx of love energy to our planet because people throughout the planet as well as Gaia, the earth, needed help.  We could no longer exist on a planet where destruction and “survival of the fittest” was the predominant motto.  We were literally destroying our beautiful planet through our words, actions, and behaviors.  When the love energy enveloped our planet, people’s hearts were opening and toxins were being released.  The year of 2013 was a year to assimilate the love energy.  This means anything inside our beings that was based on anger, jealousy, revenge, greed, fear, worry, discontentment, co-dependency, seriousness, and other beliefs that don’t serve our highest good, was coming to the surface to be expunged, eliminated and transmuted into wonderful energy of love, peace, compassion, harmony and unity.  If people are willing to release those feelings to the Divine, it leaves your total being.  However, if you choose to hold onto those limiting beliefs, it will keep manifesting in your life.

The third blog tells you briefly about my transformation.  The blog was written in 2010 and yet I didn’t realize I was transformed until the end of 2011 even though I wrote the words on those blogs.   You, the reader, are totally transformed and have unbelievable powers, but you don’t realize it yet.  It is so illogical from a human perspective, yet it is the truth.  We are all Masters of our passions and talents and the idea is to keep creating, creating and creating some more.  You can truly have anything you want right now!

The fourth blog is a letter I wrote to the world in 2012.  I wanted people to share a letter.  The letter will help people release fears, worries and other negative feelings so they could embrace what is happening on this planet.  Humans are not able to transform our world by ourselves.  We must take responsibility for destroying it, forgive ourselves, love ourselves and then join together with galactic beings from the Universe who are truly our brothers and sisters.  These beings are full of so much love, peace, compassion, harmony, and unity.  They are fun and they love to laugh and be innocent.  They want to teach us about free energy, new technologies, great healing techniques and so much more.  However, since humans have free will, they must be invited to join us with our mission.  They will not do the work for us, but they will show us methods to create the world we want.  These beings exist at a higher dimensional frequency and in order to achieve that frequency your heart must be filled with love, peace, and compassion.

We now come to the fifth blog.  There is a letter that must get to a specific person.  All she has to do is read it.  Once that happens, our galactic brothers and sisters will know that you have invited them to our planet to help bring it back to its Utopian beginnings.  At that point, the first blog will be disclosed and we will welcome all beings to live with us in unity.  Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Fairies and other galactic beings will be back on earth.  The love will be overwhelming and we will be in joy and ecstasy.  We will support each other to be whatever we choose to be.  We will use all our talents to join together as one force to create the Age of Aquarius.  Read the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine” and imagine what our planet is ready to become.  Let’s create the world we truly want now.

How do you create your new life?  Write your dreams in a poem, a song, or a book.  Paint your dreams in a picture.  Create a vision board filled with pictures of you having and doing exactly what you have always dreamed.  Visualize yourself having these dreams.   Whatever you want already exists within you.  Listen to your higher self and know that it is real.  Dream big and don’t worry how it is going to happen.  Watch the Universe do its magic and allow the surprises to manifest right in front of your eyes.  The Divine wants us to be happy, blissful and ecstatic.  It is your choice if you want that as well.  Please feel free to email me.  My email is in the last blog.  We are all one and when one succeeds we all succeed!